Our agency has 11 Years of profound experience in the field of investigation specialized in both private and corporate fields. We are solely dedicated towards delivering world class, result oriented services paying attention to every detail. We are ISO certified with highly experienced team of investigators and extensive network spread over 20+ countries providing fast, professional and affordable private investigation services.

Services That We Provide In Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania

We trace missing people and also absconded scammers or hoaxers, We do fingerprint, signature and hand writing verifications which help in solving forensic cases. We provide Bug sweeping services, deal with cheating and theft cases and also do under cover operations maintaining high levels of confidentiality. We expertise in pre and post matrimonial investigations, helping you know about the character, behavior, background, life style, salary status, and extra marital affairs of your partner and also provide litigation support to strengthen your case related to divorce, alimony and child custody. We also provide our support to the cases related to land disputes and frauds. Ethical hacking, spying on teenagers with spy mobile applications and system spy software, audio and video surveillance, shadowing and corporate investigations including company profile check, employment check, certificate check of the target, mobile tracking are our other services.

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