Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigation

The rising popularity of cryptocurrency speculation comes with increased risks for investors. Complaints of investment fraud, theft, and price manipulation in virtual currency markets have risen sharply.

Doncaster Private Investigators conducts cryptocurrency fraud and cryptocurrency theft investigations for investors, businesses, public agencies, financial advisors and law firms.

Every cryptocurrency investigation is led by a Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner (CTCE) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

By combining state-of-the-art blockchain intelligence tools and digital forensics with traditional investigative techniques – and our experience fighting online crime and investment fraud – we deliver clear results in the most complex and challenging cases.

Cryptocurrency Basics: Bitcoin and Beyond

Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset with no physical form, which exists purely as a digital record stored across a decentralized network of computers. Transactions are recorded in a distributed ledger known as the blockchain, where trades and transfers of assets are registered as blocks of new data and added to the end of the chain. The blockchain is automatically replicated across a peer-to-peer network – in what is called a ‘consensus protocol’ – to prevent participants from corrupting or changing the ledger in their favor.

Bitcoin (BTC), the best-known cryptocurrency, skyrocketed in value during 2017, increasing from around $1,000 to a peak of nearly $20,000, before a precipitous sell-off eliminated more than half of its market value. This early crash exposed the risks, but did not extinguish investor enthusiasm. In 2021, Bitcoin prices rose above $60,000, pushing the value of the cryptocurrency market past $2 trillion. There are now thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, including Ether, Monero and XRP (Ripple), plus hundreds of thousands of related tokens.

Cryptocurrency, blockchains, and decentralized finance are genuine innovations with potential for positive impact on financial systems. But they are also buzzwords that have been badly abused and exploited to promote fraudulent schemes, including investment fraud and illegal market manipulation. Cryptocurrency thefts, money laundering, ransomware and terrorist financing further threaten the integrity of these new technologies. The cryptocurrency market is a frontline in the fight against financial crime.

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