With over two decades of experience in tracing assets and a global network, DONCASTER is well placed to support the planning and execution of your recovery action.

Before you decide to pursue a recovery action, you need to know what assets are available, where they are, and the likelihood of recovering them. Having this information is a key part of understanding the cost-benefit of pursuing a recovery action.

Our 10 years-plus of asset-tracing experience has equipped us to use our business intelligence, our understanding of the insolvency process and our advanced forensic accounting techniques on your behalf. We work with clients’ legal teams to ensure that we identify and/or take control, where possible, of all available assets. We also identify those who may be liable for losses, such as professional advisors, thereby extending the recovery options for our clients.
Cost-benefit is at the core of our analytical process and we strive to ensure that the strategies we employ for clients are financially beneficial and make commercial sense.

Our staff

We are a truly multi-disciplinary team with a variety of recovery strategies

Our forensic staff includes trained:

The strategies we employ for clients are bespoke, making best use of our depth of experience and skills in asset identification.

Our insolvency practitioners are routinely appointed as receivers and administrators in complex cases, where security over assets is crucial to preserving the rights of our clients. This joined-up approach to securing assets for recovery provides a distinct advantage to clients over more one-dimensional recovery strategies. 

We are familiar with most jurisdictions, including the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Africa and the Far East.

Our qualifications

We have appeared in court as experts and witnesses of fact in large contentious asset recovery engagements, and have provided testimony in written reports and as oral evidence. 

We are qualified financial specialists in many aspects of banking transactions. We are fluent in a variety of different languages and understand the use of civil litigation in a variety of foreign and offshore jurisdictions.

Please contact us for more information about how our asset tracing team can support your recovery efforts.

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