Romance scams have long existed in the world, but before the popularity of the online dating and social media sites it was easier to know the true intentions of all the Romeo´s and Juliet´s out there. Millions of people have claimed eternal love and married with someone, even though their true motivation was just cashing in the money or getting an immigration benefit like a permanent resident category.  These days, with reported scam and fraud cases at an all-time high, verifying your potential partner is serious business and not something you should overlook.

Doncaster Private Investigators in Kenya have witnessed an increase in cases of online romance scams, supported by the many resources that the internet provides. Online romance scamming has become easier because the internet protects anonymity and helps  criminals create fake stories and hide the tracks that could eventually lead to their real identity. It is also difficult to prosecute  romance scammers because only local law enforcement and courts can take care of this, and it is extremely difficult to achieve something when you are thousands of miles away and do not know the language. This is why avoiding scam in the first place is the best option you have!

The following are some of important steps you need to follow to avoid being a victim.

Be skeptical

Remaining skeptical of anything and anyone is the first step. The work of a romance scammer is to gain the trust of their victims. Once they have it, they can practically ask for anything and victims agree because they trust. Remain skeptical of anyone and anything they tell you, even if it sounds believable.  If you use social media or online dating websites or apps, you are at an increased risk.  Share less about you online to keep you and your family safe.  Reliable evidence is the only thing you can trust, and you can get evidence by hiring a dating background check.

Ask many questions

When you meet someone online, ask many questions.  Name, date of birth, address, etc. Obtain as many details as you can about the person. All the information you gather will be helpful when you hire a professional private investigator for a background check investigation in Kenya to verify if the person is being honest about who she/he claims to be.  The more clients can provide, the more investigators can verify, such as address, employment, education, date of birth, and so on.

Do not give out your personal information

Ask many questions but do not tell a lot about yourself, especially nothing that can identify you. Talk about interests, things you like, hobbies, but never tell anyone you meet online what is your workplace, where you live at, or other sensitive information. It is also important not to share private photos, as these can be used to blackmail you.  It’s ok to share your age, but not your date of birth.

Do not rely on the internet

Searching the web for the name, email address or photos in order to see if anything negative pops up is not an effective method to verify anyone’s identity.  Search results may provide some clues, but in most cases it won’t provide any clear evidence.  Relying on an internet search might even be damaging as criminals create fake content to confuse their victims, and this could cause the scam to carry on for longer.  Real evidence requires real investigation.  Doncaster Private  investigators in Kenya speak the language, have access to local records, and have the proper training.

Hire a dating background check

If the relationship shows potential, invest in a professional background check investigation.  A dating background check is the best tool to avoid being deceived by a fake persona. If you also planned to travel to kenya and meet the person, do it only after you have a reputable private investigator conduct a background check and verify this person is who they claim to be and that they have no marriage records or criminal past. Traveling to meet a criminal or someone who doesn’t exist can be a devastating experience, so don’t set yourself up for failure.  There are millions of fake profiles on social media and online dating websites and apps.  Don’t be a victim!

Fraud happens every day, online and offline. But those who take precautions are less likely to be victims. Get informed and contact us for a free quote to avoid online romance scams in Kenya

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