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Professional, Discreet and Affordable Investigations Services

DONCASTER is an international agency of private investigators operating in Ukunda , South coast of Kenya.

From our headquarters in Nairobi, we offer services throughout Kenya and, thanks to a network of partners, we also provide international coverage.

Our specific services for companies, individuals and groups such as lawyers and insurers, are based on professionalism, efficiency and reliability.

The extensive experience accumulated by Doncaster Private Detectives allows us to solve personal and business investigations with total discretion and confidentiality.

Reports and evidences

The success of our services is based on obtaining reports and evidences of evidentiary level in judicial offices.
We work closely with the lawyers of each cause to achieve the intended purposes.

Our extensive team of detectives, criminologists and judicial experts provide close and personalized advice to each client. We guarantee confidentiality at all times.

We work using the latest technologies and tactics of research and completely legal course: video surveillance, GPS geolocation, recordings, graphic document, etc.

The services end with a detailed report with all the movements of the researched or investigated and the detailed account of the observed facts.

We are market leaders in investigations on: work absenteeism, information theft, employee control, unfair competition, problems with alimony, monitoring the behavior of children

If you need information about possible infidelity; to locate property or people, or find out if your workers perform their duties, do not hesitate to contact our offices, Doncaster Private Investigators in Nairobi .

 We will advise you, conduct a research service and offer you a budget without commitment.

Hire the services of private detectives who will meet your expectations with professionalism, rigor and with absolute respect for the law. At the end we will offer you a complete report together with the evidence obtained during the investigation.

If you want accurate information, hire Doncaster Private Detectives. Private Investigators in Kenya

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