One of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you is finding out that your spouse is cheating on you. Equally painful is not knowing if your spouse is cheating on you and the prospect of a loved one being unfaithful can be agonizing and extremely disruptive to your everyday life. According […]

<strong>Cell Phone Forensics Investigation</strong>

A Private Investigator or technician with Discreet Services can provide Cellular Forensic and Data Extraction services to recover hidden or deleted data that someone may have purposely or accidentally deleted. The most common things that Clients request are deleted text messages, deleted emails, deleted pictures, deleted communications from various apps and other deleted information. The […]

Skip tracing services in Kenya

What Skip Tracing Is All About? The term “Skip tracing” sounds tough, but it is an easy-to-understand term in reality. It refers to the whole process of finding or, in other words, tracing an individual who has either ran away or relocated himself. Now, you might think why a person would hide? Well, there can […]

cheating spouse investigators in kenya

Adultery of a spouse, a love affair on the side, infidelity, are the most common reasons for clients to contact a detective agency. Some people doubts the ethical part of such activity, sustaining that this implies involving into somebody’s personal life. Nevertheless, when the family happiness and integrity are on the line, that argument has little […]


Real estate investigations involve the gathering of necessary evidence; proof and data are needed to establish the right proof of property ownership or to resolve any dispute over the real estate property. In the situation of a real estate transaction, it has been know that documents that appear to have been provided by the National […]


Our agency has 11 Years of profound experience in the field of investigation specialized in both private and corporate fields. We are solely dedicated towards delivering world class, result oriented services paying attention to every detail. We are ISO certified with highly experienced team of investigators and extensive network spread over 20+ countries providing fast, […]

Kenya Licensed Court Process Servers – DONCASTER PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS

At Doncaster, we understand the need for you to find a reputable Process Servers when it’s time to serve papers, subpoenas, or temporary restraining orders. We utilize GPS tracking, photo verification, and electronic document management. Access all of your legal documents through our online Client Portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and […]

Private Investigators in Kenya

Custom Tailored to Your Needs. Our Team Will Provide You With The Best Service Available. Doncaster Private investigators Specializes in Surveillance Investigations for Private Individuals. We Find People. ‎Background Checks · ‎Surveillance Experts · ‎Missing Persons Any Legal/Lawful Private Investigation and/or Consultation- Computer/Cell Phone Forensics. private detective services that go beyond and above the standards of the profession. Insurance Fraud. Call Us For More Info. Corporate Investigations. […]

Nairobi private investigators

Doncaster Private investigators. All kind of investigation since 2010. Kenya or abroad, Contact Us. Private Investigations. Free quote. Private Detectives Agency established in 2010. Call Us. Individuals and Companies. Free Budget. Valid in any Court. 24 Hours Service. Professionalism and discretion. Proven experience. Free advice. Free advice. Services: Family law, child custody


ASSET INVESTIGATION Are you a victim of fraud? Does anyone owe you money? Do you suspect your spouse is hiding assets? Are you having difficulty collecting child support? DONCASTER PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS is here for you. We offer the most trusted, discreet full range of private investigations and surveillance services in Tanzania. Asset Investigation is used to […]