Evidence Gathering

Evidence Gathering As a leading Enquiry Agent, we understand that evidence gathering is key to successful litigation and dispute resolution. Our litigation support services have successfully provided clients suffering from frauds, corruption cases and intellectual property infringements with the expertise and resources to efficiently gather evidence needed for a positive outcome and help recover their […]

Kenya Debtor Tracing Services

DEBTOR TRACING SERVICES If you or your company are owed a debt and need help tracing a debtor’s current address as part of the debt recovery process, turn to Doncaster Private Investigators’s debtor tracing services to find people in the KENYA or around the world.Debtor tracing is one of the core services offered by our Investigations team. […]

Asset Tracing & Recovery

Our team of specialists will deal expertly with asset tracing and recovery matters. In complex, high-value claims with multi-jurisdictional aspects, we will coordinate asset tracing and recovery by deploying a team of specialist corporate crime investigators, whilst collaborating with international partners including forensic accountants and offshore litigators.   We are equipped to deal with a full […]

Nairobi Private Investigators

Doncaster Private Investigators is Nairobi ‘s best private detectives With a global network. We are also the most effective private detective in Nairobi having started our operations in the year 2010 and have progressively become one of the most trusted and renowned private detective in Kenya. Our clients range from top national and multi national firms to investment banks, law firms, […]

Nairobi Private Investigators

As you may have noticed, there are several Private Investigator in Nairobi and Security Service agencies on the web to choose from, so why choose us? At Doncaster Private Investigators, we pride ourselves on providing professional services at competitive industry rates. At Doncaster Private Investigators, we control our overhead costs to give you the Client, the best value. In […]

International Detective & Investigators in Kenya

Doncaster Private Investigators is based in the Kenya, East Africa. We have our detective agencies affiliate in all over Kenya & East Africa and partners in all former USSR countries. Globally we have private detectives network in Russia, Kenya & East Africa, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia,UK, USA and other former USSR countries. Doncaster’ is a private limited investigation […]

South Africa Private Investigators

South Africa Private Investigators Doncaster Private Investigators is a full-service Private Investigation firm with a team of experienced, professional Private Investigators in South Africa. We have over a decade of experience, the skills and resources to conduct any investigation our Client’s need. Our team of Private Investigators consists of men and woman from all backgrounds such […]

Servicios de servidores de procesos en Kenia

Servicios de servidores de procesos en KeniaServimos documentos y brindamos otros servicios de apoyo legal que incluyen: servicios de recuperación de documentos, presentación judicial, emisión y verificación de identidad en nombre de la comunidad legal, las instituciones públicas y financieras. Servimos todo tipo de documentos relacionados con casos legales/civiles/judiciales, como documentos de litigios corporativos, citaciones, […]

Prozess serverdienste in Kenia

Prozess serverdienste in Kenia Wir stellen Dokumente bereit und bieten andere rechtliche Unterstützungsdienste an, darunter: Dokumentenabruf, gerichtliche Einreichung, Ausstellung und Identitätsprüfung im Namen der Rechtsgemeinschaft, der Öffentlichkeit und Finanzinstitutionen. Wir liefern alle Arten von Dokumenten im Zusammenhang mit Rechts-/Zivil-/Gerichtsfällen, wie z. B. Unterlagen zu Unternehmensstreitigkeiten, Vorladungen, Petitionen, Beschwerden, Verfügungen, Geschäftspapiere und andere Dokumente zu erschwinglichen […]

Process Server Services in Kenya

Process Server Services in Kenya We serve documents and provide other legal support services including: document retrieval, court filing, issuing and identity verification services on behalf of the legal community, public and financial institutions. We serve all kind of legal/Civil/Judicial cases related documents such as Corporate Litigation Papers, summons, Petitions, complaint, writs, Business papers and […]