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Our firm has located thousands of witnesses from across the Africa and the world. Generally, we use several investigative databases to locate people simply by plugging in their known information — names, former addresses, etc. The results of such searches provide us with dates of birth, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, current addresses, liens and judgments, voter-roll records, and real-property records. Using databases and public records sources, we are able to locate the majority of individuals within several hours.

It becomes more complicated, however, when: (1) known information about a person is limited, (2) a person has recently relocated, (3) someone tends to operate “under the radar” by making purchases in cash . It can also be difficult to differentiate the desired individual from other people who have the same or similar names. In these cases, it takes creativity to flesh out a witness’s whereabouts, using nontraditional information sources and hitting the pavement to obtain human intelligence. Every piece of known information becomes potentially important.

Doncaster Private Investigators can help you find anyone, anywhere! We search for witnesses, defendants, fugitives, heirs, persons being sought for legal action, and more. All of our locates are confirmed by telephone or visual identification. Address information is generally only provided to attorneys for legal purposes.

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