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Background Checks

Employment screening services and employee background checks in Kenya are vital to maintaining workforce integrity and safety. With negligent hiring, lawsuits, training costs, workplace violence and theft on the rise, pre-employment screening as well as taking the correct pre-employment screening steps are no longer an option, but rather a necessity for businesses.

Employment Screening Service Lawsuits, Training Costs, Workplace Violence and Theft on the rise, Pre-Employment Screening as well as taking the correct Pre-Employment Screening Steps are no longer an option, but rather a necessity for Businesses. The most common ‘Lie’ or Exaggeration that Candidates submit in their Job Application is either their Employment History, or their Qualification Achievements. There have been numerous cases of Job Candidates or Employees gaining Employment to responsible positions having lied about their experience and their previous roles. Doncaster is the best Background check company in Kenya

No two Organizations are exactly the same and the Jobs within them require different Competencies, Skills and attributes, along with different levels of Authority and Responsibility. We know that businesses’ background-check needs vary depending on their size, Industry and many other factor.

As the Best private investigators in Kenya we provide State-Of-the-Art tools to help you Screen your Candidates, verify Curriculum Vitae content, check Credit Records, Qualifications, Driver’s Licenses and, Criminal Records. Our team of verifiers also does Previous Employment Verification and Character References, amongst other Checks.

In these days of heightened Security you need to ensure that you know exactly where your Candidate has been during these periods and what they were doing as well. Our complete line of Employee Screening and Vetting services make it easier for you to protect your Employees and Worksites, to remain compliant with various Regulatory and Industry requirements, and to keep your Business running Smoothly and Seamlessly.

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Here are some key issues and concerns for employers:

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