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We are the best Private Investigators in Kenya with Discreet Services providing Cellular Forensic and Data Extraction services to recover hidden or deleted data that someone may have purposely or accidentally deleted.

The most common things that Clients request are deleted text messages, deleted emails, deleted pictures, deleted communications from various apps and other deleted information.

The technicalities that surround Cellular Forensics can be complicated and that is why you want to hire a trained professional with the proper equipment that is up to date with the software updates needed to conduct a proper analysis of your device. If you feel that a device you have requires data recovery or a forensic evaluation, then a private investigator or technician with Discreet Services is here to help you.

We have trained technicians with the most up to date equipment such as CelleBrite and Oxygen Forensics. During your consultation we will discuss the device type and your situation to give you a clear understanding of what results you can expect when you receive your report. It is important to receive an honest and thorough consultation so you can understand what to expect with Cell Phone Forensics. For example, deleted information is not stored in a magical data base that has unlimited storage. Let us explain how the information is stored and what you can expect to be recovered.

Here is a list of some items that can be recovered. Deleted Call Logs, Deleted Chats from Facebook Messenger, Deleted SMS Messages, Deleted MMS Messages, Deleted Photos, Deleted audio Recordings, Deleted GPS location tags, Deleted Web History and more.

Who might need Cell Phone Forensics?

  • Parents who provide cell phones to their children
  • Attorneys/Law Firms
  • Private Investigators
  • Individuals with spouses suspected of cheating
  • Individuals who deleted text messages or other items by accident

Speak with Doncaster Private Investigators

If you need an investigator for Cell Phone Forensics Investigation Services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Doncaster Private Investigators is here to help you with your case and are ready to talk with you during a FREE consultation. Feel free to contact us through our online CONSULTATION  or by simply calling us 0723342908

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