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Evidence Gathering

As a leading Enquiry Agent, we understand that evidence gathering is key to successful litigation and dispute resolution.

Our litigation support services have successfully provided clients suffering from frauds, corruption cases and intellectual property infringements with the expertise and resources to efficiently gather evidence needed for a positive outcome and help recover their assets.

By applying the highest ethical standards, Doncaster Private Investigators ensures that the evidence gathered complies with all relevant laws, rules and regulations.

We assist insolvency practitioners, litigation teams and fraud investigators with the collection of evidence, through digital forensics, profiling and asset tracing.

Whatever the investigation, each case must begin with the intention that it could end in litigation.

All documents that could be relevant must be secured at the earliest possible stage of an investigation and handled properly thereafter.

As a leading Enquiry Agent, our evidence gathering and investigations will:

  • identify and locate critical evidence
  • secure, schedule, interrogate and analyse evidence legally obtained from the client’s communication records, data entry logs, audit and financial statement reviews and personnel files
  • review of evidence gathered from digital forensics, CCTV footage, mobile surveillance, interviews and profiling research
  • identify evidence from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Human Source Intelligence (HUMINT) methods
  • interrogate online media and press databases, court documents, global business filings, property records, web-based communities and social networks to support the evidence gathering process
  • summarise the key facts, with supporting evidence, in an easily presented manner
  • map out relevant findings, corporate structures and assets in network diagrams (such as i2).

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