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Adultery of a spouse, a love affair on the side, infidelity, are the most common reasons for clients to contact a detective agency in Kenya. Some people doubts the ethical part of such activity, sustaining that this implies involving into somebody’s personal life. Nevertheless, when the family happiness and integrity are on the line, that argument has little credence and even less practicality.
          The reason for contacting the detective agency can be an “accidentally” seen message, delays at work, changing the usual routine of the day, frequent business trips or just an intuition that rarely fails. To confirm or refute the facts of adultery, private detectives use various forms of outdoor surveillance.
           When contacting the Detective agency in Kenya “Doncaster” you can always count on:
– absolute confidentiality (from the moment of your telephone call to the end of the operation;)
– Individual approach and full understanding of your situation by detectives;
– reliability and truthfulness of the information received, regarding the presence or absence of the fact of adultery (infidelity);
– Preliminary free consultation of one of our private detectives.
The information obtained during the observation will help you to make the right decision on the issue of interest, on the presence or absence of the fact of adultery. It is to mention that our detective agency has a good reputation and we do not practice the invention of the proofs. We operate only with true, crosschecked and proved facts. Our job is very important to us and we are committed to a fair and legitimate work.
          The more information you can provide, the better the detective will be able to conduct an external observation – to follow the wife or husband and confirm or deny the fact of adultery. In any case, it requires a certain implication from the customer what will end up in a better result and will pay off all the expenses for the private detective’s services. The detective agency can also help and advice on: how to check the future bridegroom or the bride, how to find out about the infidelity of the husband, how to find out if the wife has a lover, etc.
          The advantage of our detective agency in Kenya is: confidentiality, efficiency, decency, professionalism, vast experience, extensive connections, possession of modern technology, reasonable and affordable prices.

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