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As much as we want to think the person we are marrying is perfect, often, the reality of life proves otherwise. Sometimes, a person you trust is deceptive about their past and even current motives about marriage. A premarital investigation is usually started by either groom or the bride and, at times, by the family on either side. Marrying someone only to become a victim of fraud is never a pleasant experience. Sometimes, you may find yourself marrying someone with a motive for criminal or even unethical behavior—something a background check would’ve discovered before the wedding ceremony. Being the Best private Investigators in Kenya we shall assist you find the truth


Before you get married, it helps to understand everything you can about the person you’ll be devoting your life to. A nasty surprise can cause a lot of trouble after the wedding vows are said and done. Many times, pre-marital investigations are initiated by a parent or sibling to either the groom or bride. This is due to the mistrust of the upcoming in-law. At times, these suspicions turn out to be justified as many would-be spouses have a lot skeletons in their closets. We are the TOP PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR IN KENYA

A professional and experienced private investigator in Kenya can perform all the steps needed to ensure that the person you are marrying is honest about their past and doesn’t present a financial danger to you or your family. Some people just want to bury their past. This can be due to abuse or other things. For others, some just want to hide from it. While some instances are understandable, some secrets can and will affect the viability of any relationship. These should be discovered before the rings are exchanged. We are also the Best Private investigators in Mombasa

Some issues can include:
• Having several failed marriages
• Secretly having kids in past relationships
• Having a criminal history or a dishonorable armed force discharge record
• Involved in many litigations, especially divorce
• Mental or physical illness
• A poor history of employment

A private investigator can run numerous background investigations for your needs. This can include public record searches, criminal record searches, or military investigation searches. This will help you find out if your fiancé is hiding anything from you.


No one wants to believe that they are being deceived. Unfortunately, the world of romance is full of those who use love as a weapon or an excuse to lie. Even if your desire is strong, you may have doubts. If your kids, brother, or sister are planning to wed someone you don’t trust, then it may be advisable to hire a private investigator. Doncaster private investigators will look into the person’s past. If nothing is found, then it’s your secret. If something is found, then you may save someone from heartbreak or worse.

Doncaster private investigators have the tools necessary to help you in your pre-marital investigative needs. We will keep your information confidential and will discreetly to find you the information you need to protect a loved one from marrying the wrong person.


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