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Our Highly Skilled, Experienced Cheating Partner Investigators in Kenya are Trained to Get to the Truth Behind Your Partner’s Suspicious Behaviour

Thinking about anything else when you suspect your partner is being unfaithful is impossible. DONCASTER PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS IN KENYA is the leading private investigator and detective agencies in the Kenya +254723342908 (Call/Whatsapp). With Doncaster Private Investigators’ cheating partner service, you can finally get clarity on what your partner is up to. Our skilled investigators are special services trained and use various advanced surveillance techniques to get the evidence you need. If you’re worried that your partner is:

  • suddenly always working late
  • hiding bank statements or phone bills
  • regularly clearing their browsing history
  • keeping their mobile phone away from you
  • being defensive and less intimate

…we can investigate and deliver the facts directly to you. No more wondering, no more waiting, no more worrying.

We can help you regain control of your life again.

Do You Think Your Husband, Wife or Partner is Having an Affair?


It’s easy to rule suspicions out as paranoia. But you know in your gut when something’s just not right. When your husband, wife or partner starts acting differently or distances themselves for no apparent reason, there are questions that need answering. Our team of cheating partner investigators will discreetly establish whether there’s anything concrete behind your suspicions to empower you to confront your partner and gather irrefutable evidence for use in a legal setting.

We’re so confident in the level of service we offer that we even offer a full refund should our cover ever be blown on your job.

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