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At Doncaster Private Investigators, we understand the need for you to find a reputable Process Servers when it’s time to serve papers, subpoenas, or temporary restraining orders. We utilize GPS tracking, photo verification, and electronic document management. Access all of your legal documents through our online Client Portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and stay connect with your process server.

With over 35 years of experience, and 20 offices and counting ,we are the best process servers in Kenya and leaders in technology within the process serving industry. We are the largest legal support and process serving company in Kenya, as we serve documents in all 47 counties throughout the state. We also provide nationwide service with over 200 trusted affiliates nationwide.

Doncaster Principles- How We Operate

  • Focused on Clients – At Doncaster, our employees and process servers focus primarily on our clients and their needs. We consistently strive to develop and sustain productive customer relationships.
  • Quality Oriented – We at DONCASTER routinely evaluate our interactions to identify ways to do even better job of serving our clients. This responsive approach enables us to uphold commitment to quality.
  • Be Proactive and Take Ownership – It’s amazing what can be accomplished when everyone feels “If it is going to be, it is up to me?” Take the initiative in every aspect of your job and look for the opportunities throughout the company to help teammates.
  • Efficiency – We at DONCASTER work hard to control costs and streamline processes in order to pass cost savings and service improvements on to our clients. Getting the process of service done more efficiently means time and money saved.
  • Communication – DONCASTER promotes honest, open communication and easy access to information. We keep in contact with our clients about the status of their documents and are happy to answer any questions if you call us.
  • Offer Solutions to Problems – All of our process servers strive to take a couple of seconds to consider our clients’ recommendations, suggestions for improvement, or potential solutions. Hearing about potential criticism, concerns, issues, and problems helps us grow as a process serving company.
  • Creativity – DONCASTER aims to improve the quality and efficiency of services through creative approaches and new, innovative, and cost effective technologies.
  • Cooperation – DONCASTER promotes a spirit of fairness, trustworthiness, respect and teamwork among our clients and employees.
  • Choose Your Attitude – We expect our employees to accept full responsibility for choosing their attitude. One moment can change the whole day.

DONCASTER is committed to excellence and continuous improvement. We advocate honesty and encourage clients to actively pursue suggestions, ideas, and creative approaches, leading to continuous improvement in process serving and our other legal services.

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