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Private investigators in Kenya, otherwise known as private eyes provide surveillance and investigative services. These services are required from time to time by banks and other money lending institutions, law enforcement agencies, private businesses, insurance companies, among other individuals in the general population. As such private investigators are in high demands and their services are highly valued by different players in any economy.

Even though the general work of a private investigator revolves around investigation and surveillance, specific tasks will differ from one client to the other. Private investigators are therefore required to have multiple skills to enable them meet the professional demands of different clients. Apart from professional skills, a private investigator also needs to fulfil several legal requirements so as to practice in a given country. Below are some basic requirements of private investigator in Kenya.

1. Education and training

Education and training works to equip one with the professional skills required to get the job done. In the case of a private investigator, formal education is important though it is not a requirement. A background in political science or criminology will however work to your advantage and propel your career in this field. This is because the skills taught in the above mentioned and other related courses help in making one a better private investigator. Some of these skills include:

– Evidence gathering skills
– Handling legal procedures in relation to various investigative tasks
– Deducing facts and piecing evidence together

Apart from the class gained skills, experience in any investigative field is also important and most private investigator firms will demand at least some form of experience in criminology and other fields that involve investigation and surveillance. These skills make it easier for a private investigator to handle different situations properly, avoid trouble and self-defense when the need arises and deliver quality services in line with the clients’ requirements. It is therefore important to remember that while there is no course specifically designed for private investigators, a bachelors degree and some in job training in political science, criminology, criminal justice and other related fields is very important.

2. Interpersonal skills, qualities and interests

To be a good private investigator, you first of all need to have a keen interest in the field. This will help you develop the passion that is required for success in the field and ensure that you do not give up along the way when things do not turn the way you expected. You also need to have certain interpersonal skills and qualities that match the skills and requirements in the private investigation field. Some of these skills and requirements include:

Good communication skills to allow you communicate clearly with clients and different stakeholders
– An in-depth understanding of the law and the legal procedures to be followed in investigative and surveillance work
Highly observant and have a keen eye for details in order to take note of some of the small but vital details that may be important in an investigation
– High level of integrity to ensure honesty and the right moral principles necessary to handle confidential and important clients’ information
– Empathy and patience required when presenting devastating findings to clients
– Courage and confidence to carry out investigation and present the same in court and other formal gatherings where necessary
– Ability to carry out different tasks independently

If you possess most if not all the above mentioned, then you can be sure that you are destined for success as a private investigator. Most of these skills and qualities come naturally and all that you have to do is evaluate yourself and determine if you are fit for the job. All in all developing an interest in private investigation is always a strong sign that you will weather the challenges that come with this job and have an easy time working on challenging tasks as a private investigator.

3. A private Investigator Operating License

For you to practice as a private investigator in Kenya you must have a license issued by the relevant authority. The licensing authority requires certain basic requirements to be fulfilled. These requirements include:

– You have to be above 16 years old when applying for the license
– You have to get certification from a medical doctor proving that you are physically fit to be in a position to perform all tasks that come with the job. For applicants beyond the age of 60, the certification by a medical doctor should be done annually.
If all the above requirements are met, a 5 year’s operating license is issued.
Before you are deployed, you need to meet two additional requirements in line with the law in Kenya. These requirements include;
– You have to pass a performance module that shows that you are capable of carrying out investigations without breaking the law.
– You have to obtain a Workforce Skills Qualification or a WSQ in short
After you are deployed, you have to adhere to the laid down rules and regulation where private investigation is concerned. You should always have your identification with you at all times in line with section 20 of the Private Security Industry Act. The identification card is designed to help you do your job by making it easy for people to identify you and the job that you do. The identification card does not however give you any right to break the law.

The above mentioned requirements cover the basics that are required for private investigators in Kenya. Given that private investigators work in different fields and with different employers, additional requirements may be necessary depending on employer requirements and the field in which you choose to practice. Being a private investigator can be rewarding if you have the passion and the right skills required in the field. If the job sounds like something you would like to do take the necessary steps to attain your goals based on the above requirements and get ready for an interesting experience. You have to work hard and prove yourself just like in any other career, but with determination and handwork you can be guaranteed of a long and fulfilling career in this field.

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